Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

Spring is here and along with its arrival comes the enjoyment (or burden!) of getting back outside our homes to clean up the mess that results from neglect during the long winter months. Curb appeal matters because first impressions are everything – and this certainly applies to anyone considering selling their home. We’ve previously posted on some things you can do inside and out as far as Spring maintenance goes, but now let’s talk about the fun, little things that can go a long way in boosting your curb appeal and making your neighbors jealous.

  • Add landscape lighting to your walkways and/or along your driveway. Simple, solar lights can be found rather inexpensively at your local home improvement store or Costco. In addition to improving curb appeal, lights can add a layer of safety by illuminating a walkway or complement lighting in trees or on the exterior of the home.exterior lights
  • Create a garden. Container gardens add a welcoming feel and colorful touch to your home and can be done relatively cheaply.
  • Touch up your mailbox to complement the style of your home by painting the post similar to your home trimmings or by adding colorful flowers at the base.
  • Touch up your garden beds by pruning growth, pulling weeds and laying fresh layers of mulch to restore color to your yard.
  • Use stone or pavers to add, or upgrade, borders for edging your walkway or garden beds
  • Add shutters or trim to create an attractive layer of beauty to the exterior. Shutters can also control light and ventilation, and provide additional security
  • Tile your doorstep and walkway…and repair your driveway by killing the weeds sprouting up and repairing the cracks. Then, schedule a pressure wash from HouseDox for a clean, fresh look!
  • Have your windows professionally washed and your gutters cleaned

We hope you’ll find that many, if not all, of these curb appeal tips are relatively easy to do yourself or a job for a professional that won’t break the bank. We all have varying levels of ability and comfort when it comes to doing things around the house, but don’t discount the web and Youtube for tips and suggestions. And when in doubt, call on HouseDox!

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