Home maintenance tips for Summer

With the school year ending and summer camps and vacation planning top of mind, it’s easy to let some basic summer home maintenance items slide to the back burner. Without further ado, here are the items that should be on your to-do list as we get into the long, hot summer days.

  • Reverse your ceiling fans – in the summer, ceiling fans should run in the counter-clockwise position, which pushes air down to create a wind-chill effect. As the temperature gets warmer, increase the speed. Running ceiling fans can result in considerable savings on your energy bill too. However, remember that fans cool people, not the temperature of a room. Shut your fans off when you leave a room. When you return, turn the fan back on for an immediate cooling effect. Installing ceiling fans can be a DYI project, but it will require getting on a ladder and configuring electrical wiring. Turn to HouseDox to engage a professional.AC Inspection
  • Get your AC serviced – performing general maintenance or a tune-up on your AC can prolong the life of your unit and allows it to operate more efficiently. During a tune-up, a professional will check the functionality, clean the condenser coil, and make sure the unit is free and clear of debris. The tune-up should also include a check for improper connections and leaks. Many companies also include an air filter replacement with the service. HouseDox offers tune-ups starting as low as $59.
  • Surprise Dad for Father’s Day with a deck/patio pressure wash
  • Be mosquito free with Mosquito Treatments starting as low as $29
  • Adjust your automatic light timers, irrigation system and motion detector systems to account for the longer days and vacations.
  • Keep a close eye on your children and pets…snakes and other creatures may be lurking in the ivy or sunbathing on the pavement. When needed, call on us for professional wildlife extraction.
  • Drive around in style with an auto detail.


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