Easter Prep & More Spring Cleaning

Spring Maintenance Part 2

This blog is a continuation from our prior post containing great tips on preparing your home for Spring.

While the warm weather descending on Atlanta has us seeing some dogwoods and azaleas adding color to the daily commute, we’d like to offer some Spring Cleaning tips for preparing your yard for Spring.

But first, with one week left until Easter, we want to remind you that it’s not too late to get your carpets cleaned before hosting your friends and family for the holiday. HouseDox has carpet cleaning rates starting as low as $79.

And now for those yard maintenance tips:

  1. Prep your lawn by raking the leaves. The reasons for removing leaves are well documented in a previous blog.
  2. Aerate your warm-season lawn (Bermuda, zoysia) in Spring or early Summer. For Fescue lawns, we suggest waiting until Fall.
  3. Apply a pre-emergent lawn weed preventer to stop weeds from sprouting throughout the Spring and Summer. In conjunction with pre-emergent you can apply a light layer of fertilization.
  4. Skip the prior step if you’ve got bare spots in your yard and you need to lay down grass seed. The pre-emergent weed application will prevent grass seeds from sprouting.
  5. Apply a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch around the base of plants, trees and shrubs
  6. Fertilize your growing plants.
  7. Clear out weeds and garden debris leftover from last season.
  8. Water! Most grasses need about 1 in. of irrigation per week.

For anyone looking for professional resources to help keep your lawn healthy and green all year long, HouseDox is glad to partner with two local, highly rated lawn care companies that offer free estimates and exclusive discounts for HouseDox customers.

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